Water Urbanisms East (2013) by Bruno de Meulder and Kelly Shannon

"Water Urbanism East " in the publishing of Park Books is a modern and very interesting non-fiction book on the subject of infrastructure in the context of urbanism and water landscape . The book is written in English and divided into several chapters . As a preliminary general questions are addressed on the subject , such as "The Hydraulic Civilizations" . The critical analysis of the range of topics is at the global level in the foreground. This is therefore , on the factual mention addition, even a science book that wants to approach things with scientific precision . The infrastructure of large coastal cities , especially in the Asian region are presented in the book in detail. Straight out of China, the nation of the 21st century , where giant cities are expanding on , there are interesting insights. Even before the water make these cities no support. As elsewhere in the world, larger cities . The population is increasing. The conquest of the coastal areas is a goal of reclamation and urbanization since time immemorial . "China's Water Crisis" critically underlaid with associated maps , photographs, and design schemes , the planning and execution of the overall project planning . Both historical maps and in the form of studies are presented scientific theses . The aim is to improve the living conditions humans, animals and plants , which will serve at the same time preserving a balanced coastal landscapes and their environment. Maybe that's the time a trial that also in China ecological- economic thinking begins to take root. Other Asian regions such as Hanoi , Bangkok , Mumbai and the mangroves in Vietnam's Ca Mau are found in the belt of Park Books, form the predominant part in the work of major regions of Asia. Much remains to be done. Offer a view of existing projects and monitor the implementation of master plans , which wants the present volume with a scientific background.


Water Urbanisms East - Emerging Practices and Old Traditions (2013 ) by Bruno de Meulder and Kelly Shannon at Park Books in Zurich


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Contemporary positions


  • China 's Water Crisis

  • Bangkok 's Distributary Waterscape Urbanism

  • Post 311: Sendai OASIS

  • River and Road Warp and Woof as

  • Being in Deep Water urabn

  • Hanoi : The ' City of Lakes and Rivers '

  • Mangroving Ma Cau , Vietnam

  • Revising the Master Plan Cantho , Vietnam


Practices Revisited


  • Persian qanats

  • A Modern Times version of the Hydraulic Civilization

  • Batavia, Simon Stevin in the Tropics

  • Water Urbanism as a Way of Life

  • Raising the Dykes and Taming the Swamp

    Exploration and Speculations

  • Easy Like Water , Ecological shoring in Bangladesh

  • Recaliming Waterscapes For The Yanshuei Canal , Tainan

  • Touching The Ground Lightly , Yen So , Hanoi

  • Low- country retention and Cleaning Sequences . Expanding Hanoi

  • Avoid Framing : Day River , Hanoi

  • Canalizing Urban Developement in Orchard at Phong Dien , Cantho

  • Retention Basin as Impetus of Urbanism : O Mon, Can Tho

  • Reconfigured Emerging Urbanity : Hung Pu, Cantho


Water Urbanisms East ( English)
Emerging Practices and Old Traditions
by Bruno de Meulder and Kelly Shannon
paperback, 256 pages
Park Books, Zurich , 1st Edition, December 2013
Size: 22.4 x 22.4 x 2.3 cm

ISBN: 978-3906027258



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