Nove novos im DAM

The exhibition of the Brazilian at the German Architecture Museum was opened on the occasion of the host country of this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. An exciting chapter architecture, it can be seen here. Is constructed as in other continent, in a country that has a completely different cultural background than Germany. For one, Brazil is ten times as large as the FRG. Architects in Brazil are often work much younger when they start and build as in Germany. The buildings , which are presented by the young architects in Frankfurt , have partly extremely impressive dimensions. This beats some expectations. These include major projects, overcome them all kinds of experience needed in connection with the construction. But who is already experienced enough at a young age to do this? At least one team of staff will be necessary. Work separately, to meet different requirements. The exhibition attempts to show individuals who have presented as a finished architects before the German public. That has its place and turning many interesting to look at what has already been done at various locations in the large country Brazil.
By making note of the number nine, the structural sequence is given in the exhibition. Because there are nine architectural firms present their current projects. But were photo panels set with round in three corners, on one of the upper floors at the DAM. In addition to the panels is a smaller model of the structure, which gives a vivid impression of the whole of wood or plastic. An otherwise very frugal affair as the first impression.
For this purpose, a paperback catalog is published by Jovis Verlag, covering some 150 pages and is printed on the inner and outer lids with content. Numerous illustrations consisting of sketches, floor plans and sectional drawings and views, which demonstrate the respective project vividly. In addition, full-page and half-page photo illustrations of individual projects were set in the catalog in the scene. The result could also serve as a portfolio for further use for the young architect from Brazil. The catalog is bilingual, German - English, with the number of pictures in total predominates. The text is only given concomitantly. The editors are: Peter Cachola Schmal, Ricardo Ohtake, Anna Scheuermann and Fernando Serapiao.
At the beginning of this catalog are some greetings from Marta Suplicy by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture noted at the Frankfurt Book Fair. As well as words of Antoni Grassi, who heads the cultural program of Brazil during their stay in Germany. One of the headings is overwritten with "Brazilian Youngsters", which gives a recounting of the compilation of the nine featured architectural firms in the exhibition.

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