A mini-Manhattan on Kungsholmen

KS's residential infill Etaget on Western Kungsholmen in central Stockholm has been awarded 1st prize in the Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018 in the category Architecture.
Photo: Adam Mørk, Release: Kjellander Sjöberg
Design S – Swedish Design Awards is Sweden’s biggest and most comprehensive design award, backed by the entire design industry. The award is aimed at professional designers, architects, individual specialists, producers and companies that work with design in a broad sense.

Etaget is a distinctive addition with a strong urban identity, developed in collaboration with Tobin Properties and Ebab. Composed of a mix of offices and light industry, Western Kungsholmen has in recent years developed into a diverse and complex neighbourhood with the emergence of complementary businesses and new housing. The project aims to combine the existing environment with a building that accentuates and develops the city structure further. It is a building designed to fit into the neighbourhood’s vernacular while providing the area with new qualities.
The project is a pliable mini-Manhattan, landing in the city block and building a vibrant streetscape with premises on the ground floor and inviting activities with an expressive urban character. It embraces the essential values of a city – diversity and a wide range of functions. KS designed a distinct silhouette, with varying depth, materialization and textures that work both at a distance and in the immediately neighbouring streets. The building’s configuration interprets the various heights of Nordenflychtsgatan and the surrounding buildings at a different scale.
A green Paradise! The project focuses on green space and social-ecological resilience. Given the dense inner-city location, every available space is secured and used to provide recreation and positive experiences for the residents. The courtyard is designed as a cheerful social green space, an oasis of flowers and greenery interspersed with bicycle parking. The green roof terraces are a new addition, containing both communal and private spaces for spending time outdoors, cultivation, playing and socializing.
The architectural expression refers to a classical order found in the inner city of Stockholm – commercial space at ground level, supporting a main volume, with set-back penthouse floors on top. The sum is, however, far from traditional, but forms as a whole an innovative project, made up of a series of stacked cubes, vertically displaced; a beneficial addition to the street, of inherent complexity. Interior design by Koncept Stockholm.
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